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A Woman's Own Golf Book
By Barbara Puett and Jim Apfelbaum
(ISBN 0-312-20393-4)
The Best Way to Better Golf
By Jack Nicklaus
(ISBN 0-340-04348-2)
Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul
By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Jeff Aubery. Mark & Chrissy Donnelly
(ISBN 1-55874-658-7)
Life is Not a Game of Perfect
By Dr. Bob Rotella w/Bob Cullen
(ISBN 0-684-84286-6)
Harvey Penick's Little Red Golf Book
By Harvey Penick w/Bud Shrake
(ISBN 0-00-218538-5)
David Leadbetter's Positive Practice
By David Leadbetter
(ISBN 0-06-271607-7)
Training A Tiger
By Earl Woods
(ISBN 0-340-70738-0)
Golf-The Winning Formula
By Nick Faldo w/Vivien Saunders
(ISBN 1-55821-191-8)

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