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2nd Hand Club Membership

Here we try to give you an idea on the 2nd hand club membership market activities.  Please note that the prices listed below are for references only. 
The prices are subjected to market fluctuations, supply and demand as well as other unforeseeable factors.

Golf Clubs Sale
Transfer Fee (HK$) Lease / Nominee
Chung Shan Hot Spring Golf Club (Individual) 600k 337,500 HK$2,400pm
Chung Shan Agile Golf Club (Corp III) 750k Shell Co. N/A
Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club (Individual) 1,000k N/A
Clearwater Bay Golf& Country Club (Corp I) 1,260k HK$7,000pm
Discovery Bay Golf Club (Corp Ent) 1,200k 407,000 HK$9,000pm
Discovery Bay Golf Club (Corp Deb) 1,300k 187,000 HK$9,000pm
Long Island Golf & Country Club (Corp I) 250k 62,500 HK$2,300pm
Lotus Hill Golf Resort (Corp I) 135k 16,500 HK$1,500pm
Mission Hill Golf & Country Club (Corp II) 680k USD23,800 N/A
Mission Hill Golf & Country Club (Corp I) 450k USD15,800 N/A
Mission Hill Golf & Country Club (Individual) 420k USD15,000 N/A
Macau Golf & Country Club (Corp I) 280k 95,000 HK$2,500
Royal Orchid International 15,000 (Term Membership for 1 year)
Shenzhen Golf Club (Corp II) 630k 60,000 HK$3,500pm
Shenzhen Golf Club (Individual) 310k 30,000 N/A
Sand River (Individual) 260k 119,600 N/A
Sand River (Corp I) 280k 65,800 HK$2,600pm
Xili Golf Club (Corp I) 620k Shell Co. HK$4,500pm