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Chicken Soup for the 
Golfer's Soul
By Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Jeff Aubery, 
Mark & Chrissy Donnelly

Whether you are new to the game of golf or a seasoned veteran, you'll will be entertained and inspired by this collection of stories that capture the human triumphs, trials and tribulations on the fairway.

Written by golfers, pros and caddies who share a passion for the game, these stories convey 101 of the most memorable and universal moments of golf; the thrill of watching an "impossible" shot land in perfect position; the feeling of camaraderie when a round of golf forges a new friendship; or the sense of peace you feel when a day on the golf course freshens your perspective on life.

With stories about overcoming obstacles, sportsmanship and going for the green, Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul is a poignant reminder of lessons for life both on and off the fairway.  You will learn how to savor the moment, gain a belief in yourself, and discover that with perspective and vision, there's a way out of any sand trap.

Like picking up a favorite club, golfers of every handicap will reach for this book whenever they need the inspiration and confidence to be at the top of their game.


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